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Richard Bello, one of the owners of Dealers Solutions initiated contact with me over 1 year ago. He claims that the Dealers Solutions Group is a huge company that is not weak or broke. He networked with a few sales trainers in the automotive industry and talked about creating a network. Dealers Solutions Group had no guideline as to the direction they were going to go in. Every day there was a new idea or service that they wanted to launch but there was never anything that was ever set in stone. Richard Bello and Vince Naso the owners of the Dealers Solutions Group seemed to like me and my ideas. We struck an agreement that I was going to build a social network (dsautomotivetraining.com). We agreed on $2,000 for the project with $800 down initially and Dealers Solutions Group would pay for the platform. I worked tirelessly building the network and with their developper for graphics and ideas.

Once the site was built I was to get paid the remainer of the $1200.

The first red flag is that Richard Bello took weeks to make payment. The second red flag is that he used paypal and only sent $400. I had to battle to get the other $400. PayPal took their fees and I got a little less then $400 each time. The platform was built but was undergoing an upgrade. The upgrade took away some key features of the site temporarily for about 2 months. However, as the update was being completed all of the features would be available and the site was going to be completed. Richard Bello desputed the second payment of $400 with PayPal. Even after evidence of proposal. contract and communication PayPal decided to award Richard Bello his money back. This left my PayPal account in the negative for $400. Vince Naso and Richard Bello promised to get me that money back and for over 6 months now I have not recieved a penny. I was promised a check 3 weeks ago and I still have not recieved anything. My company is a self funded start up company that has been ripped off by Dealers Solutions Group.

Richard Bello communicates by text message. He is cannot write and anyone that communicates with him will notice that he writes like a 5 year old. The way that Dealers Solutions Group operates is very unprofessional. I understand that I am not the only service provider that Dealers Solutions Group has ripped off.

BUYER BEWARE. Becareful of dealing with Dealers Solutions Group. They talk a huge game but they are nothing but a huge scam. I thought they were a legitimate business and recommended them to an affiliate partner of mine. They ripped them off for way more money then I was ripped off for.

They wanted to talk me into working for them and selling their products. I asked 100s of times to get a demonstration of their products and my request was always ignored. In fact they wanted me to go off of some weak brochure that looked like a 5 year old child designed. It was a vague brochure with no real explanation of what this company offers.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $429.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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When we guys asked - How you can survive if you got this much bad reviews? - They told me that - " They going to change the name of the business" .., lol

Beware.., they may run their business in other names???

to goodbusiness #913814

That is funny.Here is what everyone needs to know.

Richie Bello is such a ***. He writes and communicates as if he was illiterate. So look for the misspellings and sloppiness and you will find their new business name. Also, they are barking heavily on Facebook.

Here are some of their groups:



Look at Richie's profile: https://www.facebook.com/richard.bello.129?fref=nf

Like I said, a new name will not change them. They will still be Richie Bello and Vince Naso. They will still contact professionals and make up false promises. If they start a new name we can catch on.

The only way these scam artists can move forward with a new name is if they change their names and identities.The Dealers Solutions Group is a complete scam.


They were introduced to a friend of mine who does great website design.Ritchie wanted my friend to do all of the work to "show him" what he is capable of before he pays for it.

Only frauds like Dealers Solutions Group with Richie Bello can *** someone into doing work for them and promise to pay later.Needless to say that my friend did not get involved as he www smart enough not to waste his time.

to Dealers Solutions Group Scam #913829

Dealers Solutions Group is a SCAM. If Richie Bello and Vincent Naso contact you just stay away!


It is appalling what kind of scams these people will pull on people. This company gives everyone else a bad name and a bad taste. All I can say is that stay away from this company they will rip you off or worse cause you to lose business from poor advice.

to Screwed dealer34 Redmond, Washington, United States #900737

I agree!!! - Richie Bello and Vincent Naso - both are disgrace to NYC.

to Screwed dealer34 #901772

At this point it is verified that they have scammed over 5 parties.They keep continuing to scam potential partners.

Dealers Solutions Group is bad news.

The one guy Ritchie Bello cannot even write.He communicates through text messages and types like he is illiterate.




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